#0: Season 1 Introduction

August 21, 2015

Welcome to Season 1 of Building A Life and Career in Security Podcast. My hope is that you can learn from the stories of how other people have grown their careers. Each episode will contain an interview with a security or development professional on how they got into security and their career journey. I’ll ask three questions of each guest:

  • Talk about your journey to your current job
  • Talk about a key decision or event that had a positive effect on your career
  • Talk about a do-over. Something you’d do differently.

This introductory episode has clips from Season 1 episodes along with a background on the podcast. Give it a listen:


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Jay Schulman: Here’s what’s coming up this season on the Building a Life and Career in Security podcast.

Speaker 1: I think that decision to go down the certification path and start being part of various professional associations, helped me network with people, and I think that has paid off and I see that payoff now, five years later.

Speaker 2: The book was awesome for my career. I have an opportunity to talk to a lot of people in the industry that might not be interested in having a conversation with me, if not for the book. Now, I’ve got this credibility that I didn’t in the past.

Speaker 3: [inaudible 00 = 00 = 36], I’d say take the higher salary instead of the stock options. That would have benefited me a little bit better in the long run.

Speaker 4: From the jayschulman.com studio, this is the Building a Life and Career in Security podcast. Now your host, Jay Schulman.

Jay Schulman: Thanks. Its Jay, and welcome to the introduction of Building a Life and Career in Security podcast. The podcast that let’s you see how others grew their information security careers. This is season 1 of the podcast. All of the episodes for season 1 were recorded in the summer of 2015 for broadcast during the fall semester. I look at this podcast as a school course of sorts, with a fall and spring semester. My hope is that the entire season gives you a varied perspective on growing your career. This semester we have professors, book writers, consultants, [inaudible 00 = 01 = 28], pentesters, and just about everything else in between. No one episode will give you what you need, although there’s fantastic advice in each one. This is designed exactly like a school course, to be listened to in its entirety.

Each episode comes out on Wednesday, the show notes along with the transcription of the podcast is available on jayschulman.com, where you also find additional advice on growing your information security career. I also have a book, a video series on growing your information security career, and a Security Longreads Newsletter to keep you up to date on security, all available at jayschulman.com. That’s about me, and this podcast is about everybody else, so give it a listen and please provide feedback. If you like the podcast, let me know on iTunes. The more 4 star ratings on iTunes, the easier it will be for others to find. Thanks for giving the podcast a try. To subscribe, go to iTunes, or jayschulman.com/podcast. Thanks.

Speaker 4: Thank you for listening to the Building a Life and Career in Security podcast with Jay Schulman. For more information and to subscribe, go to jayschulman.com.