Does Hybrid Work Actually Work?

October 14, 2022

I get frustrated when the debate on where to work (office, home, hybrid) is based on anecdotal data.  Harvard Business School published research – based upon 30,000 emails – from workers who worked from home, worked from the office and split their time between the two.

From the article (link in comments):

“Hybrid work resulted in 0.8 more emails sent per day, and office work led to a 0.5 increase, compared to the group that mostly worked at home. Also, hybrid work is associated with a 58 percent increase in the number of unique email recipients compared to those mostly working from home, a metric that indicates that workers in the hybrid category had broader intraorganizational email networks.”

The conclusion of their research:

Our test for underlying mechanisms suggests that hybrid work might represent the “best of both worlds,” offering workers greater work-life balance, without the concern of being isolated from colleagues.