Exponential Learning

October 13, 2022

How do you plan on keeping up with the exponential rate of technological change?

This graphic is a fantastic overview of how I’ve tried to keep up.  Here is a quick summary of some key points:

study biographies: learning about the early days of paypal has been impactful to understanding the early days of crypto.

**teach yourself: **I don’t wait for the book or must-read blog, I just start researching.

work with young people: this is KEY.  It’s hard to understand crypto if you don’t use Venmo.  Don’t use Venmo?  Then you need to hang out with people who do.

AI: playing with AI like Stable Diffusion has been an eye opener.  Go play with it.

ELI5: both the hardest and most impactful, can you explain the new thing to a 5 year old?  I love this metric because it changes you from “do you understand it” to “can you explain it?”

BUT, I’m awful at foreign languages.  I can learn a new programing language long before a can learn a new spoken language.  Know your strengths and play to them. img