Jay’s 2017 Information Security Predictions

November 1, 2016

It’s that time of year when security writers across the global predict what we can expect from information security in the following year. Having worked in security for 20 years, the one thing consistent in security is that it is unpredictable. Given that experience, I think this year’s predictions are still applicable.

  1. The Real @taylorswift13 starts giving information security advice. Millions of users turn on two-factor authentication because Taylor says so.
  2. Ransomware companies lower their ransom price and revenues skyrocket.
  3. After having a dozen IoT devices get hacked, it’s a kids toy that gets hacked to swear incessantly that gets companies to improve the security of devices.
  4. Edward Snowden gets hired by a threat intelligence company. Shows up to company sales pitches via iPad video.
  5. Another car gets hacked. Radio will only play country music. Country singers rejoice.
  6. Password and 12345 will continue to be the most common passwords in America.
  7. Microsoft Patch MS08–067 (originally published in 2008) is one of the most common missing patches on the internet.
  8. Amazon Web Services offers Amazon Prime Now Incident Response.
  9. Someone creates a botnet to attack other botnets.
  10. Incidents which occurred in 2016 are identified in 2017, messing with everyone’s statistics, surveys and predictions.

Happy 2017.