Know Your Network (or: Interesting LinkedIn Stats)

October 20, 2014

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I was looking someone up on LinkedIn this morning — let’s call him Adam — and I was surprised how many Adam’s were in my network. So I ran a quick analysis (see note at the bottom on how I did it) and came up with a couple of interesting stats about my LinkedIn connections.

Where Are They Based?

94% are located in the United States. I feel more worldly than that, but Linkedin does not.

32% are based in Chicago. Naturally.

6% are based in New York City and 5% in Minneapolis.

Where Do They Work?

Easy guess on these two. My current and prior employer by a longshot.

What Do They Do?

12% are in the IT function and 6% are consultants. I expected the numbers to be a little higher in these two categories.

Do They Want to Volunteer?

Only 3% of my network is looking for volunteer opportunities. I’m guessing many don’t even see the option on their profile page.

What is Their Name?

The question that started it all. Here are the top 10 names for all of my connections:

DavidMichaelJohnMikeJimRobertBrianChrisMark These are not normalized. Michael/Mike is the easy example shown above. Andy, Andrew, Andre connections would push Andrew into the top 10.

The big surprise for me was the lack of females. I pulled the top 5 female names. I had to go to 50 names to get 5.


Male to Female Ratio

So I went back to figure out how dominant men are in my LinkedIn pool. 9 to 1 Men to Women.

E-Mail Provider

Nearly 40% of my connections list a e-mail address. The next 3 in order are:, and comes in at 23 connections.

How I Ran My Statistics

Unfortunately LinkedIn turned off many of the fancy pages that would have generated some of these statistics. The advanced search page was used to generate many of the stats here. I exported all of my connections and created a quick pivot table to create the top names and e-mail addresses. Is it scientific? No way, but it does help me understand who I’m connected to.

Who is in your network?