The 14 Best YouTube Videos to Grow Your Security Career

August 19, 2015

Recently I posted on the top Coursera courses for the information security professional. Those are all long form video series that take you on an educational journey. I wanted to focus today on a series of short educational videos you can use to grow your information security career.

I’ve organized the list into different categories depending upon want you want to learn including foundational videos, security metrics, application security, security awareness, and security management.

Recognition goes to Adrian Crenshaw (Irongeek) who has the passion to record just about every speaker at a conference. Without his efforts, you couldn’t watch these from the comfort of your own computer.

Information Security Foundational Videos:

How To Break Into the Security Field

So You Want to be an InfoSec Rockstar?

What do infosec practitioners actually do

Security Metrics and Communication:

Metrics for Security Strategy

Speaking Metrics to Executives

InfoSec Data Visualization

Information Security Management:

Conflict Resolution Styles in Information Security

Information Security Reconciliation

Maturing Information Security When Compliance doesnt cut it

Barely Legal the Hackeras Guide to Cybersecurity Legislation

Application Security:

Security Culture in Development

Software Security Cryptography

BSIMM: A Decade of Software Security

Security Awareness:

Application Security Awareness

10 Reasons Your Security Education Program Sucks