Top Blockchain News for Aug 25, 2023

August 25, 2023

Get ready to dive into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency with today's edition of Morning Blockchain! From the exciting world of RWA tokenization and its game-changing impact on DeFi, to the increasing adoption of crypto debit cards for everyday transactions in Latin America, we're exploring a range of topics that showcase the disruptive potential of future technologies in this space. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and get ready to be inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead!

Top Stories

Pendle Finance Users Can Now Profit From Real World Assets

Get ready for some real-world action in the crypto space! RWA tokenization is all about connecting virtual investments to tangible assets like real estate, precious metals, and even artwork. This means that DeFi can now tap into traditional finance instruments, like U.S. Treasury Bonds, and use these tokenized assets in decentralized applications (dapps). It's a game-changer for the blockchain and cryptocurrency world!

Binance to Withdraw Debit Card in Latin America, Middle East

This article discusses a debit card that allows users in Latin America to make transactions using their crypto assets, making it relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies for everyday payments.

Tokenization News Roundup: Resource Extraction, Social Media Monetization and Real World Connections

California-based startup Dinari has introduced its blockchain-powered Dinari Securities Backed Tokens, allowing investors outside the US to own tokens representing securities in companies like Tesla, Disney, and Nvidia and pay for them using stablecoins like USDC and tether, with the ultimate aim of becoming a fully operational securities exchange.

Num targets tokenized remittances with Colombian Peso stablecoin

Num Finance is introducing a stablecoin called nCOP, pegged to the Colombian Peso, to tokenize remittances and provide a new way for people to send and receive money while earning a yield, addressing the high volume of remittances flowing into Colombia; this article is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it demonstrates the application of stablecoins in cross-border payments and the potential for blockchain technology to improve financial practices.

How do domain-specific chatbots work? An Overview of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

The article discusses the LangChain library, which can create chatbots that can answer questions about any website or document in just three lines of code, utilizing a process called retrieval augmented generation (RAG); this is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it showcases the capabilities of AI tools that can be utilized in the development of chatbots for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related platforms and websites.

Coinbase Is Talking With Canadian Banking Giants to Promote Crypto

Canadian crypto industry leaders are actively engaging with tier one banks to encourage them to embrace cryptocurrency and support the growing crypto economy in the country.

Fiduciary Duty During Uncertain Times

The article discusses the progress and advancements in the cryptocurrency industry, including better understanding of token qualities, maturing custody and recordkeeping services, and evolving regulatory environments in both Canada and the United States. This is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the improvements in information, infrastructure, and regulations that are shaping the industry and making it more attractive for investors.

For Nvidia, it’s AI or bust as it reports a record-breaking quarter

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang expects the AI boom to continue into next year, as the company announces a $25 billion share buyback due to the success of its generative AI models, which are powered by Nvidia's hardware that accelerates neural networks, making the company's GPUs in high demand for AI applications, highlighting the relevance of this article to blockchain and cryptocurrency as Nvidia's GPUs are commonly used for mining cryptocurrencies.

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Jumps to $26.5K as Trading Volume Increases

Binance is discontinuing its crypto-backed debit card in Latin America and the Middle East, affecting less than 1% of users in those regions, with no reason provided for the decision; this is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the adoption and sustainability of cryptocurrency-based financial products and services.

PancakeSwap Version 3 Goes Live on Ethereum Layer 2 Linea Mainnet

PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange, has expanded its availability to multiple blockchain networks, allowing traders to enjoy lower fees and improved capital efficiency when trading tokens, making it relevant to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Coinbase, in Uncharted Territory as Public Company Running Blockchain, Pledges Neutrality

Optimism and Base are joining forces to ensure compatibility and upgrades between their blockchain networks, with transaction fees being split and benefiting the Optimism Collective through a smart contract. This is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the importance of collaboration and interoperability between different networks to enhance functionality and user experience.