Top Blockchain News for Sep 17, 2023

September 17, 2023

Take a moment to unwind and sip some tea as we dive into today's blockchain and cryptocurrency news. We'll explore the challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges, from staff departures and regulatory concerns at Binance.US to the recent hack by North Korea's Lazarus Group on CoinEx, reminding us of the ongoing issues and risks in this dynamic industry.

Top Stories

Five top crypto stories this past week: Binance.US’s woes continue, SEC targets NFTs, Lazarus strikes again, and more

Binance.US has experienced staff departures and regulatory concerns, while CoinEx was hacked by North Korea's Lazarus Group, highlighting the challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges; these stories are relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency because they illustrate the ongoing issues and risks associated with the industry, including regulatory scrutiny and cybersecurity threats.