Top Blockchain News for Sep 19, 2023

September 19, 2023

Welcome to Morning Blockchain, where we dive into the unexpected twists and surprises that keep the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency buzzing. From institutions actively participating in the crypto ecosystem to regulatory developments shaping the industry, and even the shifting roles within the space, we've got the latest insights to keep you ahead of the game. So grab your morning brew and get ready for a thrilling ride through the fascinating world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Top Stories

Ether staking rose fourfold at Anchorage Digital in 2023, co-founder says

Anchorage Digital, a federally chartered digital asset bank, has seen a fourfold increase in the amount of ether staked on its platform, with over 40% of institutional clients staking their ether, indicating a growing interest in active participation in the crypto ecosystem; this highlights the increasing trend of institutions wanting to do more than just hold digital assets, but also actively trade, stake, and participate in governance, signaling a potential shift in the institutional adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Malta Seeks to Change Its Crypto Rulebook to Get Ready for MiCA

The EU's MiCA regulation will bring comprehensive crypto regulations to the bloc, and Malta, as an EU member, aims to align its crypto rules with MiCA to ensure an easy transition for crypto service providers in the country. This article is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the regulatory developments in the EU, which will impact the operations of crypto service providers and potentially shape the future of the industry in the region.

ApeCoin DAO currently voting in favor of sister DAO to acquire NFTs

A proposal to establish a sister DAO and acquire influential NFTs using 750,000 APE tokens has over 70% approval in early ApeCoin DAO voting, with the aim of benefiting the ApeCoin ecosystem by increasing adoption and utility; the sister DAO would manage the NFTs and lease the IPs to APE holders, enabling them to utilize the NFTs without owning them, and would also make decisions on NFT IP rentals, project funding, and future NFT sales and acquisitions.

Blockchain data visualization firm Bubblemaps raises $3.2M in funding

Paris-based startup Bubblemaps has secured $3.2 million in seed funding to expand its team and accelerate growth in the field of blockchain data visualization, with plans to become the main visual platform for on-chain data and add new features such as tracking token distribution and allowing users to create curated wallet visualizations.

Blockchain Capital scores $580 million for two new funds

Blockchain Capital, a venture capital firm, has raised $580 million for two new crypto investment funds, highlighting the continued interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency despite a decline in venture investment in the space and the volatility of the market.

Crypto VC Scalar Capital co-founder is transitioning out of investor role

Linda Xie, co-founder of crypto VC Scalar Capital, is transitioning out of her investor role to focus on building something new in the crypto space, while the fund moves to maintenance mode and stops deploying new capital; this is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the shifting roles and priorities within the industry and the need for continuous innovation.

Chainlink’s LINK Soars, Outperforming Other Crypto Majors

ANZ, a financial institution, used Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to make a cross-chain purchase of tokenized assets with their stablecoin A$DC, demonstrating how CCIP can facilitate cross-chain transactions for financial institutions. This article is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the practical application of blockchain interoperability solutions in the financial industry.

First Mover Americas: Drives Up Coinbase’s Base Blockchain Activity

The sale of tokens by bankrupt crypto exchange FTX will not cause a market shock, as the liquidations are limited to $50 million per week initially, with potential increases approved by FTX debtors' committees, allowing the exchange to pay back creditors by selling and investing its holdings in solana, bitcoin, ether, and other tokens.

New York financial watchdog proposes strengthened crypto guidelines

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has proposed new guidelines to enhance its oversight of cryptocurrency firms listing coins in the state, requiring them to meet certain risk assessment standards and develop coin-delisting policies, in an effort to protect consumers and the market; this is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it highlights the ongoing regulatory efforts to ensure the safety and soundness of the industry.

What I Learned Managing a Crypto Fund for Five Years

The article discusses the challenges of finding the right talent in the cryptocurrency industry and how the job market has evolved over the years, highlighting the importance of passion and adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Judge asks Binance.US, SEC to simmer down in dispute over documents

A D.C. district judge has encouraged Binance Holdings Limited and the SEC to work together to resolve their disputes regarding the handling of customer assets at Binance.US, as the SEC seeks more information on the matter; this is relevant to blockchain and cryptocurrency as it involves a major cryptocurrency exchange and regulatory scrutiny over the custody and oversight of customer assets, highlighting the importance of regulatory compliance in the crypto industry.